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50 volumes of Rheumatology

In 2011 Rheumatology celebrated its 50th volume. The Journal began in 1952 as the Annals of Physical Medicine and has been through many different incarnations before finally transforming into the international Journal it is known as today. The changes in title mirror the developments in the specialty and the globalization and interdisciplinary nature of modern scientific research. Even how the Journal is accessed has changed drastically.

When first published, the Journal was published quarterly, distributed only to the members of the society. It is now published every month, with new papers being made available daily, and is accessible in every corner of the world. The Journal has embraced technological advances, with state of the art online presence, Rheumatology podcasts and, coming soon, an online version specifically for mobile devices.

The editorial published in the first ever issue of the Journal commented that ‘the success of the journal will depend on the contributions’ and ‘the clinical status of the specialty will be judged on the standard of these contributions’ [1]. This still holds as true today as it did then and we thank our authors for their contributions over the past 50 volumes.

To mark this auspicious anniversary, we ran a number of special series and events. Click on the links below for special anniversary pages. Details can also be found in this editorial in the January issue.

1. Horder. Foreword. Rheumatology 1952; 1: 1-2.

Key papers from the archive

Golden Editorials

50th Anniversary podcast: A perspective on the past