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Key papers from the archive

Please find below links to a special collection of key papers published in the first 49 volumes of Rheumatology. These papers have been made freely available:

1952: Experiences with cortisone and ACTH, Tegner W.

1954: Hospitals and the law, Forbes R.

1955: The value of physiotherapy in rheumatic disease: I – Palliation, Lawrence JS, Sladden RJ.

1959: Psoriasis and arthritis, Wright V.

1968: Study of a valvular mechanism in the formation of synovial cysts, Jayson MIV.

1968: The pattern of activity of some muscles in women walking on high heels, Joseph J.

1977: Communicating with the rheumatic patient, Wright V, Hopkinsv R.

1986: Rheumatoid arthritis: Treatment which controls the c-reactive protein and erythrocyte sedimentation rate reduces radiological progression, Dawes PT, Fowler PD, Clarke S, Fisher J, Lawton A, Shadforth MF.

1988: Successful treatment of Raynaud’s syndrome with Iloprost, a chemically stable prostacyclin analogue, Yardumian DA, Isenberg DA, Rustin M, Belcher G, Snaith ML, Dowd PM, Machin SJ.

1989: Tumour necrosis factor activity in joint fluids from rheumatoid arthritis patients, Neale ML, Williams BD, Matthews N.

1991: Interleukin-6 activity in paired samples of synovial fluid. Correlation of synovial fluid interleukin—6 levels with clinical and laboratory parameters of inflammation, Miltenburg AMM, van laar JM, De Kuiper R, Daha MR, Breedveld FC.

1992: TNF alpha—A pivotal role in rheumatoid arthritis? Brennan FM, Maini RN, Feldmann M.

1992: Detection of cytokines at the cartilage/pannus junction in patients with rheumatoid arthritis: Implications for the role of cytokines in cartilage destruction and repair, Chu CQ, Field M, Allard S, Abney E, Feldmann M, Maini RN.

1994: Intermittent cyclical etidronate in the prevention of corticosteroid-induced bone loss, Mulder H, Struys A.

1994: A randomized controlled study of post-injection rest following intra-articular steroid therapy for knee synovitis, Chakravarty K, Pharoah PDP, Scott DGI.

2001: Sustained improvement in rheumatoid arthritis following a protocol designed to deplete B lymphocytes, Edwards JCW, Cambridge G.

2003: A simplified disease activity index for rheumatoid arthritis for use in clinical practice, Smolen JS, Breedveld FC, Schiff MH, Kalden et al.