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5 Year Statement

Five Years On...

It is now five years since we published our first issue of CJRES, in 2008. Setting up a new journal is not an easy affair at the best of times, and little did we know that we were launching CJRES just as the ‘long economic boom’ was about to come to an abrupt end, to be followed by the worst recession since the inter-war period and the onset of a new era of fiscal austerity. Attracting subscriptions from individuals and libraries under such conditions is extremely difficult.

Nevertheless, the journal has fared beyond our expectations. Our first citation impact factor has just been announced – a score of 1.653, with a 5-year impact factor of 1.822. This places CJRES in the top 20% of Economics journals and in 21st position in the Geography category (out of 73 journals). This is a highly encouraging start. On-line usage is also very respectable, with around120,000 full-text downloads to date. These statistics indicate that CJRES is publishing articles that readers find useful for their own research, and that the journal is beginning to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field.

…And the Next Five Years

Our aim from the start has been to publish multi-disciplinary international theme-driven research on the spatial dimensions of contemporary socio-economic-political change. The objective is to combine topicality, engaging with the pressing issues of our time, with theoretical advance, contributing to the conceptualization, empirical investigation and explanation of those issues. The challenge over the next five years will be to build on these objectives. To this end, we will be announcing calls for papers on themes falling under a number of generic heads, namely:

• The Foundations of Regional and Local Economic Growth
• Spaces of Knowledge Production and Consumption
• Inequality, Well-Being and Welfare
• Geographies of Globalisation
• Worlds of Money and Finance
• Cities and the Urban Realm
• Environment and Sustainable Development
• Spatialities of Economic Regulation and Governance

It is our intention, and hope that, over the coming five years, CJRES will become even more firmly established as a leading social science journal for advancing research.

The Editors