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Special Issues of The Computer Journal

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Special Issue on Parallel Soft Computing Techniques in High Performance Computing Systems

Nowadays, there is a need to solve more and more complex optimization problems in industry, science, engineering, and many other domains. Soft computing techniques are highly appropriate methods to deal with such complex problems (which cannot be tackled with exact methods) with reasonable computational effort. Additionally, due to the growing complexity and computational demands of such problems and the widespread availability of powerful parallel architectures (GPUs, multicore CPUs, clusters, grids, and clouds), parallel soft computing algorithms arise as highly appropriate tools to handle these problems.

This special issue focuses on novel advances in parallel soft computing algorithms and their application to the resolution of complex real-world problems to find accurate solutions in reasonable time. We look for high quality publications proposing parallel soft computing techniques designed for multi-core processors, GPUs, and other large High Performance Computing systems as clusters, grid or cloud computing to solve complex real-world problems. Additionally, works proposing novel soft computing/meta-heuristic /parallel algorithms applied to solve complex problems in the context of clusters, grid or cloud computing are of interest too.

**Submission Guidelines**
 With this special issue, we aim at collecting a number of diverse, outstanding papers with important theoretical and empirical contributions to the field of soft computing, including novel efficient parallel models, new soft computing techniques, and their applications to complex and original real world problems. Topics of interests include, but are not limited to:

• Parallel soft computing techniques for cluster/grid/cloud computing
• Parallel soft computing techniques on GPGPUs and clusters of GPGPUs
• Parallel soft computing techniques for complex real-world problems
• Soft computing based solutions for cluster/grid/cloud computing related problems
• Performance measures for parallel soft computing techniques
• Reliable parallel soft computing algorithms for uncertain distributed environments
• Massively parallel soft computing algorithms
• Peer to peer soft computing techniques
• Volunteer and ubiquitous soft computing

Submitted papers should be submitted via The Computer Journal's online submission system, Manuscript Central, at They should be accompanied by a cover letter that clearly states that the submission is for the Special Issue on “Parallel Soft Computing Techniques in High Performance Computing Systems”. 
All submitted papers will be peer reviewed according to the usual standards of this journal, and will be evaluated on the basis of originality, quality and relevance to this Special Issue and the journal, and on the basis of clarity and correct use of English. The submitted papers should be formatted according to the journal style. For more detailed information concerning the requirements for submission, please refer to the journal homepage at:

**Important Dates**

Paper submission: March 7, 2014

1st round review notification: July 7, 2014

1st revision due: August 7, 2014

2nd round review notification: Oct. 22, 2014

2nd revision due: Nov. 22, 2014

Final acceptance: Dec. 22, 2014

Publication (tentative): 4th quarter, 2015

**Guest editors**

Prof. Sergio Nesmachnow
Universidad de la República, Uruguay

Bernabé Dorronsoro
University of Lille 1, France