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Editorial Board

Editor in Chief

Steven Cooke

Carleton University, Canada
Conservation physiology, resource management, and integrative biology

Editorial Office

Editorial Board

Michael Angilletta

Arizona State University, USA
Thermal adaptation

John Beardall

Monash University, Australia
Algal physiology

David Beerling

University of Sheffield, UK
Behaviour of coupled biotic and physical systems

Andrew Blaustein

Oregon State University, USA
Amphibian decline

Gary Burness

Trent University, Canada
Energetics and ecoimmunology

Steven Chown

Monash University, Australia
Insects and macro-ecology/physiology

Timothy Clark

Australian Institute of Marine Science, Australia
Environmental change and animal metabolism

Matt Davey

University of Cambridge, UK
Plant metabolism and metabolic ecology

Nann Fangue

University of California, Davis, USA
Physiological specialization in complex environments

Tony Farrell

University of British Columbia, Canada
Integrative and comparative animal physiology, and fish

Craig Franklin

University of Queensland, Australia
Ecophysiology, conservation, and reptiles

Gretchen Hofmann

University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
Climate change and marine species

Mark van Kleunen

Konstanz University, Germany
Ecology and evolution of plants, including invasive species

John Mandelman

New England Aquarium, USA
Ecophysiology of elasmobranch fishes

Philip Munday

James Cook University, Australia
Reef fish ecology and climate change

Adrienne Nicotra

Australian National University, Australia
Phenotypic plasticity and plant responses to climate change

Hans Portner

Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany
Thermal adaptation and marine organisms

Sharon Robinson

University of Wollongong, Australia
Plant responses to Climate Change (Antarctica)

Michael Romero

Tufts University, USA
Endocrinology of birds, mammals, and reptiles

Yan Ropert-Coudert

CNRS, Strasbourg, France
Energetics and bio-logging (birds, reptiles, and mammals)

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