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Editorial Board

Nick Cullather, Indiana University Bloomington
Anne L. Foster, Indiana State University

Assistant Editors
Catalin Cristoloveanu, Indiana University Bloomington
Chris Eichstedt, Indiana University Bloomington
Amanda Koch, Indiana University Bloomington

Board of Editors
Laura Belmonte, Oklahoma State University (2014)
Mario Del Pero, University of Bologna (2014)
Amy Greenberg, Penn State University (2014)
Christopher Endy, California State University, Los Angeles (2015)
Mark A. Lawrence, University of Texas at Austin (2015)
Andrew Preston, Cambridge University (2015)
Mary Dudziak, Emory University (2016)
Michaela Hoenicke-Moore, University of Iowa (2016)
Jason Parker, Texas A&M University (2016)

Impact factor: 0.549

5-Yr impact factor: 0.623


Nick Cullather
Anne L. Foster

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