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Call for Papers: Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health


Journal Vision

Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health is a new open access journal that publishes original, rigorous applications of evolutionary thought to issues in medicine and public health. The journal aims to connect evolutionary biology with the health sciences to produce insights that may reduce suffering and save lives.

Click here to read Editor-in-Chief Stephen Stearns’ first editorial, setting out the vision for the journal.

Journal topics

The journal will publish papers on range of topics, including but by no means limited to:

• The origin, maintenance and medical significance of human genetic variation
• Mismatches to modernity, with implications for autoimmune disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer
• Special features of human reproductive biology, including menopause
• Broader features of mammalian reproductive biology, including evolutionary conflicts of interest between parents, between parents and offspring, and among offspring, with implications for some of the diseases of pregnancy
• The evolution of aging and how it explains our susceptibility to degenerative disease
• Cancer as a somatic evolutionary process in which both resistance to chemotherapy and metastasis result from natural selection operating on clonal genetic variation
• Pathogen evolution—especially virulence, drug resistance, and evasion and suppression of the immune system
• The evolution of host tolerance of vs. resistance to pathogens
• Pathogen evolution to emerge as agents of new diseases
• The evolution of vectors that transmit disease
• Insights from comparisons with other species
• Ideas on how best to teach evolution in medical curricula

Calling future EMPH authors!

Have you authored a high quality, interesting research paper that will be accessible across a broad spectrum of biological and medical disciplines?

If you have, then we want to hear from you.

The benefits of submitting

Submit your paper to Evolution, Medicine and Public Health and benefit from:

• Fast first decision – within 28 days of submission
• Your paper being published within a few days of acceptance online in ‘Advance Access’
• No open access fees for the launch period
• Your published paper being compliant with funding agencies such as the Wellcome Trust and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI)
• Your published paper being automatically deposited in the open access repository PubMedCentral

How to submit

Read our instructions to authors and submit your paper online here.


Charles Nunn

For Authors

This journal enables compliance with the Wellcome and NIH Public Access Policies.

All content is open access under the terms of the CC-BY licence.

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