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Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health is an open access journal that publishes original, rigorous applications of evolutionary thought to issues in medicine and public health. It aims to connect evolutionary biology with the health sciences to produce insights that may reduce suffering and save lives. Because evolutionary biology is a basic science that reaches across many disciplines, this journal is open to contributions on a broad range of topics, including relevant work on non-model organisms and insights that arise from both research and practice.

Publication charges

Beginning in 2016, the open access charges are:

Non-member charges for CC-BY:
Regular charge: £1250 / $2000 / €1625
List B Developing country charge*: £313 / $500 / €406
List A Developing country charge*: £0 / $0 / €0

Member charges for CC-BY:
Regular charge: £625 / $1000 / €813

* Clinical Brief articles will be charged at £156 / $250 / €203
* There will be no OA charge for the following content types: Editorial, Commentary, Correspondence, Book Review
* Members who receive a discount are ISEMPH (International Society for Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health) members.
ISEMPH members will be charged £625/$1000/€813 to publish original research/reviews.
* No page charges and no colour charges because this is a fully OA title.

All material to be considered for publication in Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health should be submitted in electronic form via the journal's online submission system. Full instructions for manuscript preparation and submission can be found in the sections below. If you are unable to submit your manuscript via the online submission system, please contact the Editorial Office.

Instructions to Authors

Getting help

General queries concerning the journal, its scope, format, policies and charges should be directed to the Editorial Office.

For queries regarding the online submission process, please refer first to the Author’s User Guide which provides detailed submission instructions and ‘movie tutorials’ that explain how to submit your manuscript. You will find this under ‘User Tutorials’ on the Login screen in ScholarOne Manuscripts. If your problems are purely technical (e.g. failure of files to be uploaded or converted), contact the ScholarOne support team using the 'Get Help Now' link in the top right hand corner of every screen.

Language editing,if your first language is not English, to ensure that the academic content of your paper is fully understood by journal editors and reviewers is optional. Language editing does not guarantee that your manuscript will be accepted for publication. For further information on this service, please click here. Several specialist language editing companies offer similar services and you can also use any of these. Authors are liable for all costs associated with such services

If you still have queries please contact the Editorial Office.


Stephen C. Stearns

For Authors

This journal enables compliance with the Wellcome and NIH Public Access Policies.

All content is open access under the terms of the CC-BY licence.

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