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EMPH is an electronic-only open access journal supported by author publication charges. Articles are published under Creative Commons licences. Authors publishing in EMPH can use the Creative Commons Attribution licence (CC-BY). Please click here for more information about the Creative Commons licences.

Publication charges

Beginning in 2016, the open access charges are:

Non-member charges for CC-BY:
Regular charge: £1250 / $2000 / €1625
List B Developing country charge*: £313 / $500 / €406
List A Developing country charge*: £0 / $0 / €0

Member charges for CC-BY:
Regular charge: £625 / $1000 / €813

* Clinical Brief articles will be charged at £156 / $250 / €203
* There will be no OA charge for the following content types: Editorial, Commentary, Correspondence, Book Review
* Members who receive a discount are ISEMPH (International Society for Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health) members.
ISEMPH members will be charged £625/$1000/€813 to publish original research/reviews.
* No page charges and no colour charges because this is a fully OA title.


Stephen C. Stearns

For Authors

This journal enables compliance with the Wellcome and NIH Public Access Policies.

All content is open access under the terms of the CC-BY licence.

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