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Aims and scope
Criteria for consideration

Aims and scope

Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health is an open access journal that publishes original, rigorous applications of evolutionary thought to issues in medicine and public health. It aims to connect evolutionary biology with the health sciences to produce insights that may reduce suffering and save lives. Because evolutionary biology is a basic science that reaches across many disciplines, this journal is open to contributions on a broad range of topics, including relevant work on non-model organisms and insights that arise from both research and practice.

Criteria for consideration

To be considered for publication in EMPH, manuscripts must represent a substantial advance in terms of originality, relevance and timeliness. All contributions should advance the intellectual development of linkages between evolutionary biology and medical science and will be reviewed, wherever possible, by one person from each of those two broad communities. Thus, the focus of papers should be to elicit (through clinical, ecological or experimental research, or by systematic review) evolutionary (or ‘ultimate’) explanations for human susceptibility to disease, or the biological mechanisms that connect ultimate to proximate explanations, and to leverage such perspectives to suggest improvements in clinical practice, public health procedures, research approaches or medical education. While likely to focus on one of these audiences, papers should be written to be understandable and of interest to clinicians, public health professionals, medical researchers and educators, and evolutionary biologists.


Stephen C. Stearns

For Authors

This journal enables compliance with the Wellcome and NIH Public Access Policies.

All content is open access under the terms of the CC-BY licence.

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