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Food Security Issue

Food Security

Food systems transition and disruptive low carbon innovation: implications for a food security research agenda
David Tyfield

Food standards: the cacophony of governance
Lawrence Busch

Feeding nine billion: the challenge to sustainable crop production
Peter J. Gregory and Timothy S. George

Patenting of plant varieties and plant breeding methods
Michael Blakeney

How agro-ecological research helps to address food security issues under new IPM and pesticide reduction policies for global crop
production systems

A. Nicholas E. Birch, Graham S. Begg and Geoffrey R. Squire

Global crop improvement networks to bridge technology gaps
Matthew P. Reynolds, Jonathan Hellin, Bram Govaerts, Petr Kosina, Kai Sonder,
Peter Hobbs and Hans Braun

Any trait or trait-related allele can confer drought tolerance: just
design the right drought scenario

François Tardieu

The potential for underutilized crops to improve security of food production
S. Mayes, F. J. Massawe, P. G. Alderson,
J. A. Roberts, S. N. Azam-Ali and M. Hermann

Meeting the challenge of food and
energy security

Angela Karp, and Goetz M. Richter

Reflections on food security under water scarcity
Elías Fereres, Francisco Orgaz and
Victoria Gonzalez-Dugo

Genetic and management approaches to boost UK wheat yields by ameliorating water deficits
Ian C. Dodd, W. R. Whalley, Eric S. Ober and M. A. J. Parry

How is ozone pollution reducing our food supply?
Sally Wilkinson, Gina Mills, Rosemary Illidge and William J. Davies

Improving crop productivity and resource use efficiency to ensure food security and environmental quality in China
Mingsheng Fan, Jianbo Shen, Lixing Yuan, Rongfeng Jiang, Xinping Chen, William J. Davies and Fusuo Zhang

China’s success in increasing per capita food production
Jianhua Zhang