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Interdrought Collection

Interdrought Collection

The Interdrought Conference in Perspective
Abraham Blum

Drought decision-making
John S. Boyer

Water resources strategy and
agricultural development in China

Shiqi Peng

The significance of roots as hydraulic rheostats
Christophe Maurel, Thierry Simonneau and Moira Sutka

ABA receptors: the START of a new paradigm in
phytohormone signalling

John P. Klingler, Giorgia Batelli and Jian-Kang Zhu

Photosynthesis and drought: can we make metabolic
connections from available data?

C. Pinheiro and M. M. Chaves

Water deficits uncouple growth from photosynthesis,
increase C content, and modify the relationships between C
and growth in sink organs

Bertrand Muller, Florent Pantin, Michel Ge´ nard, Olivier Turc, Sandra Freixes, Maria Piques and Yves Gibon

Effect of salinity and water stress during the reproductive
stage on growth, ion concentrations, D13C, and d15N of durum wheat and related amphiploids

Salima Yousfi, Maria Dolores Serret, Jordi Voltas and Jose´ Luis Araus

Root water potential integrates discrete soil physical
properties to influence ABA signalling during partial rootzone drying

Ian C. Dodd, Gregorio Egea, Chris W. Watts and W. Richard Whalley

Involvement of cytokinins in the grain filling of rice under alternate wetting and drying irrigation
Hao Zhang, Tintin Chen, Zhiqin Wang, Jianchang Yang and Jianhua Zhangnull

Modulation of the root-sourced ABA signal along its way to
the shoot in Vitis ripariaxVitis labrusca under water deficit

Bingbing Li1, Zhigao Feng, Min Xie1, Mingzhu Sun, Yanxia Zhao, Liyan Liang, Guojie Liu, Jianhua Zhang and Wensuo Jia

High-throughput shoot imaging to study drought responses
Bettina Berger, Boris Parent, and Mark Tester

New phenotyping methods for screening wheat and barley for beneficial responses to water deficit
Rana Munns, Richard A. James, Xavier R. R. Sirault, Robert T. Furbank and Hamlyn G. Jones

Yield–trait performance landscapes: from theory to
application in breeding maize for drought tolerance

Carlos D. Messina, Dean Podlich, Zhanshan Dong, Mitch Samples and Mark Cooper

Genetic and genomic tools to improve drought tolerance in wheat
Delphine Fleury, Stephen Jefferies, Haydn Kuchel and Peter Langridge

Breeding for water-saving and drought-resistance rice (WDR) in China
L. J. Luo

Using genetic mapping and genomics approaches in
understanding and improving drought tolerance in pearl millet

Rattan S. Yadav, Deepmala Sehgal and Vincent Vadez

Simultaneously improving yield under drought stress and
non-stress conditions: a case study of rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Y. S. Guan, R. Serraj, S. H. Liu, J. L. Xu, J. Ali, W. S. Wang, E. Venus, L. H. Zhu and Z. K. Li

Environment characterization as an aid to wheat
improvement: interpreting genotype–environment
interactions by modelling water-deficit patterns in North-Eastern Australia

K. Chenu, M. Cooper, G. L. Hammer, K. L. Mathews, M. F. Dreccer and S. C. Chapman