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Editorial Board - Medical Sciences

Stephen Kritchevsky, PhD, Editor
Sticht Center on Aging
Wake Forest School of Medicine
Medical Center Boulevard
Winston-Salem, NC 27517

Kathleen Jackson, Editorial Office

James Goodwin, MD Deputy Editor
University of Texas Medical Branch
Division of Geriatrics in Internal Medicine
301 University Boulevard
Galveston, TX 77555-0460

Mark A. Espeland, PhD, Statistical Editor
Wake Forest School of Medicine


Ali Ahmed, MD, MPH
University of Alabama at Birmingham and VA Medical Center

Neil B. Alexander, MD
University of Michigan

Shehzad Basaria, MD
Brigham and Women's Hospital

Matteo Cesari, MD, PhD
Universite de Toulouse III, Paul Sabatier Institute Vieillissement, France

Roger Fielding, PhD
Tufts University

Luigi Ferrucci, MD, PhD
National Institute on Aging

Roger Fielding, PhD
Tufts University

Jeffrey Hausdorff, PhD
Harvard University

Roee Holtzer, PhD
Albert Einsterin College of Medicine

Dan L. Longo, MD
National Institute on Aging

Jay S. Magaziner, PhD
University of Maryland School of Medicine

David Melzer, MB, BCh
University of Exeter, U.K.

Anne B. Newman, MD, MPH
University of Pittsburgh Center for Healthy Aging

Eleanor M. Simonsick, PhD
National Institute on Aging

Gary Striker, MD
Mt. Sinai Medical School

Stephanie Studenski, MD
National Institutes on Aging

G. Darryl Wieland, PhD, MPH
Duke University

Kristine Yaffe, MD
University of California, San Francisco


Dawn Alley, PhD
University of Maryland

Karen Bandeen-Roche, PhD
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health

Roberto Bernabei, MD
Catholic University of Italy

Dan G. Blazer, MD, PhD
Duke University Medical Center

Cynthia Boyd, MD, MPH
Johns Hopkins University

Jennifer S. Brach, PhD
University of Pittsburgh

Michelle Carlson, PhD
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health

Harvey J. Cohen, MD
Duke University

Robin Conwit, MD
National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke

Mauro Di Bari, MD, PhD
University of Florence

Xinqi Dong, MD, PhD
Rush University Medical Center

Neal S. Fedarko, PhD
Johns Hopkins University

Timothy M. Frayling, PhD
Peninsula Medical School, U.K.

Giovanni Gambassi, MD
Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Italy

Thomas M. Gill, MD
Yale University School of Medicine

Bret H. Goodpaster, PhD
Florida Hospital
Translational Research Institute for Metabolism and Diabetes

Jack M. Guralnik, MD, PhD
University of Maryland School of Medicine

Joseph T. Hanlon, PharmD, MS
University of Pittsburgh

Tamara B. Harris, MD, MS
National Institute on Aging

Gregory Hicks, PhD, PT
University of Delaware

Denise Houston, PhD, RD
Wake Forest School of Medicine

Arti Hurria, MD
City of Hope

Robert L. Kane, MD
University of Minnesota School of Public Health

Sean Xiao Leng, MD, PhD
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Stephen Lord, PhD
University of South Wales

Ed Marcantonio
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical

Niccolo Marchionni, MD
University of Florence

Anthony Marsh
Wake Forest University

Mary McGrae McDermott, MD
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Graydon Meneilly, MD
University of British Columbia, Vancouver

E. Jeffrey Metter, MD
National Institute on Aging

Douglas K. Miller, MD
Indiana University School of Medicine

Manuel Montero-Odasso, MD, PhD
The University of Western Ontario
Medicine, Division of Geriatric Medicine

Joanne Murabito, MD, ScM
Boston University School of Medicine

Neelesh K. Nadkarni, MD, PhD, FRCPC
University of Pittsburgh

Marco Pahor, MD
University of Florida

Giuseppe Paolisso, MD
Second University of Naples, Italy

Kushang Patel, PhD
University of Washington

Thomas T. Perls, MD, MPH
Boston University School of Medicine

Taina Rantanen, PhD
University of Jyvaskyla, Finland

Barbara Resnick, PhD
University of Maryland School of Nursing

Christine Ritchie, MD, MSPH
University of California, San Francisco

Caterina Rosano, MD, PhD
Graduate School of Public Health, University of Pittsburgh

Renzo Rozzini, MD
Poliambulanza Hospital, Italy

Laurence Z. Rubenstein, MD, MPH
Greater Los Angeles VA Medical Center

Catherine Sarkisian, MD
University of California Los Angeles School of Medicine

Andreas E. Stuck, MD
University of Bern, Switzerland

Dennis Taaffe, PhD, MSc
University of Newcastle, Australia

Roland J. Thorpe, Jr., PhD
John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Bruno Vellas, MD, PhD
CHU La Grave, Toulouse, France

Stefano Volpato, MD, MPH
University of Ferrara, Italy

Jeremy Walston, MD
Johns Hopkins Geriatric Center

Bradley J. Willcox, MD, MSc
Pacific Health Research Institute

Jennifer L. Wolff, PhD
Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health


Luigi Ferrucci, Chair
National Institute on Aging

Debra Bakerjian
University of California, Davis

Shoshana H. Bardach
Lexington Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Mercedes E. Bern-Klug
University of Iowa

Abraham Brody
New York University College of Nursing

Nicholas Castle
University of Pittsburgh

Rafael de Cabo
National Institute on Aging

Karen Fingerman
The University of Texas at Austin

Sherry Greenberg
University of Pennsylvania

Judith Howe
Mount Sanai School of Medicine

Robert Hudson
Boston University

Bob G. Knight
University of Southern California

Stephen Kritchevsky
Wake Forest University

Margie E. Lachman
Brandeis University

Rachel Pruchno
Rowan University

Hiroshi Saito
University of Alabama

Merril Silverstein
Syracuse University

David Waters
Gerald P Murphy Cancer Foundation

Donna Weinrich
Western Michigan Universit

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5-Yr impact factor: 5.023

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