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International Spotlight

Each International Spotlight will feature a different country. Invited authors will be asked to describe the demographics of aging in their country, identify the main areas of research and key researchers, discuss secondary data sets that are available to researchers, pinpoint key public policy issues, and highlight emerging issues likely to influence the aging experience in their country. We hope that these articles will not only enhance our understanding about global aging but also spark international collaborations that ultimately will lead to more sophisticated research and better public policies and practices supporting older people.

Introducing the International Spotlight
Megan McCutcheon and Rachel Pruchno

Spain: Promoting the Welfare of Older Adults in the Context of Population Aging
Juan P. Serrano, José M. Latorre, and Margaret Gatz

Aging in Sweden: Local Variation, Local Control
Adam Davey, Bo Malmberg, and Gerdt Sundström

Aging in The Netherlands: State of the Art and Science
Carolien H. M. Smits, Hugo K. van den Beld, Marja J. Aartsen, and Johannes J. F. Schroots
Volume 54, Issue 3, June 2014

Aging in Romania: Research and Public Policy
Simona I. Bodogai and Stephen J. Cutler
Volume 54, Issue 2, April 2014

International Spotlight: Developing a Gerontological Social Policy Agenda for Turkey
Özgür Arun
Volume 53, Issue 6, December 2013

Spotlight Thailand
Siriphan Sasat and Barbara J. Bowers
Volume 53, Issue 5, October 2013

Hong Kong: Embracing a Fast Aging Society With Limited Welfare
Sheung-Tak Cheng, Terry Lum, Linda C. W. Lam, and Helene H. Fung
Volume 53, Issue 4, August 2013

Korea: Balancing Economic Growth and Social Protection for Older Adults
Hyun-Sook Yoon
Volume 53, Issue 3, June 2013

Aging in France: Population Trends, Policy Issues, and Research Institutions
Daniel Béland and Jean-Philippe Viriot Durandal
Volume 53, Issue 2, April 2013

Aging in Canada: State of the Art and Science
Debra J. Sheets and Elaine M. Gallagher
Volume 53, Issue 1, February 2013

China: Awakening Giant Developing Solutions to Population Aging
Ning Jackie Zhang, Man Guo and Xiaoying Zheng
Volume 52, Issue 5, October 2012

The Republic of Chile: An Upper Middle-Income Country at the Crossroads of Economic Development and Aging
Laura N. Gitlin and Patricio Fuentes
Volume 52, Issue 3, June 2012

International Spotlight: Israel
Allen Glicksman and Howard Litwin
Volume 51, Issue 6, December 2011

Aging in Australia
Katrina A. Cubit and Claudia Meyer
Volume 51, Issue 5, October 2011

Japan: Super-Aging Society Preparing for the Future
Naoko Muramatsu and Hiroko Akiyama
Volume 51, Issue 4, August 2011
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