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Mission Statement

The ICES Journal of Marine Science is the flagship publication of the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea. It will provide an outlet for quality articles, Food for Thought perspectives, critical reviews, and comments that contribute to the scientific understanding of marine systems and the impact of human activities.

The Journal will be distinguished by its interdisciplinary nature and breadth, and will service not only the ICES community, i.e. scientists in its member and observer countries, but also those in other countries whose scientific aims and interests are similar to those of ICES. Its remit will be to publish manuscripts that increase international understanding of marine science and that are generally in keeping with the ICES Science Plan, through as broad as necessary an international selection of material. Cutting-edge science will receive preferential treatment, but consideration will be given also to the output from fundamental research that underpins the activity of working scientists and advisors.

The Journal will serve, inter alia, as a foundation for scientific advice across the broad spectrum of management and conservation issues related to the marine environment, and of freshwater and estuarine resources with life-cycle links to marine systems. Oceanography, marine habitats and ecosystems, living resources, and related management topics will constitute the key elements of papers eligible for consideration, along with integrated studies that bridge gaps between traditional scientific disciplines, and economic, social and public administration studies directly related to management of the seas and of general interest to marine scientists. All such works to be published should demonstrate originality, a non-short-term significance of their underlying message, be of high quality and present clear integration of their contribution with existing knowledge.

The Journal will strive for speedy consideration and publication of quality material, i.e. standard submissions, symposium submissions derived from ICES-authorized and -supported symposia, and suites of topical articles presented at ICES and non-ICES events. It will publish in hard copy and electronically all such material deemed of high standard and broad interest, to high technical standards of content, grammar, and style. All material will be given fair consideration if in grammatically acceptable English, although manuscripts in French can also be considered by prior arrangement.

The Journal will seek to maintain its position as a publishing outlet of choice for marine scientists within and outside the ICES community. To do this, it will inter alia: ensure that its editorial staff are of the highest quality and command respect internationally, and that its support facilities and ICES-tenured staff are sufficient to meet its immediate and future needs; develop a strong partnership with a commercial publisher of good reputation; and adapt swiftly to changing circumstances in the competitive environment that is science publishing today while retaining international scientific respect across appropriate marine scientific disciplines.