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About the Journal

The mission of this quarterly journal is to publish mathematical or, more broadly, quantitative research of the highest quality, impact and relevance that can be directly utilised or have demonstrable potential to be employed by managers in profit, not-for-profit, third party and governmental/public organisations to improve their practices. Thus the research must be quantitative and of the highest quality if it is to be published in the journal. Furthermore, the outcome of the research must be ultimately useful for managers. The journal also publishes novel meta-analyses of the literature, reviews of the "state-of-the art" in a manner that provides new insight, and genuine applications of mathematics to real-world problems in the form of case studies. The journal welcomes papers dealing with topics in Operational Research and Management Science, Operations Management, Decision Sciences, Transportation Science, Marketing Science, Analytics, and Financial and Risk Modelling.

Requirements for publication
Manuscripts accepted for publication must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Scientific rigour: the scientific contribution of the manuscripts should be of the highest quality and rigour and all experimentations (either with theoretically generated or empirical data) should be described in a way that facilitates their reproducibility.
  • Managerial relevance: all manuscripts must contain a section or sub-section on the managerial implications and impact of the research for real world practices.
  • Value-to-length relationship: the value/contribution of the manuscript must be proportional to its length. Please consider complementing your submission with an Electronic Companion.
  • Language: the language and presentation must be of high quality: where they are not, manuscripts will be rejected regardless of the value of their scientific content.
  • Title: The title must be interesting, clear and concise, and relevant to the general audience of the journal.
  • Abstract: The abstract must be written in language that the general audience can understand, appreciate and relate to. That is, the use of heavy technicalities and jargon should be avoided, and the abstract must contain statements covering explicit managerial implications and relevance.

Abstracting and Indexing Services

The IMA Journal of Management Mathematics is covered by the following abstracting/indexing services:-

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YearImpact FactorSsi: ManagementSsi: Social Sciences, Mathematical MethodsSi: Operations Research & Management ScienceSi: Mathematics, Interdisciplinary Applications
20140.500153 out of 18541 out of 4675 out of 8187 out of 99
20130.471142 out of 17240 out of 4571 out of 7983 out of 95
20120.593134 out of 17235 out of 4461 out of 7870 out of 92
20110.404144 out of 16679 out of 92
20100.60868 out of 93