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About the Journal

Formerly the IMA Journal of Mathematics Applied in Medicine and Biology.

Mathematical Medicine and Biology publishes original articles with a significant mathematical content addressing topics in medicine and biology. Papers exploiting modern developments in applied mathematics are particularly welcome. The biomedical relevance of mathematical models should be demonstrated clearly and validation by comparison against experiment is strongly encouraged.

The journal welcomes contributions relevant to any area of the life sciences including:

  • biomechanics
  • biophysics
  • cell biology
  • developmental biology
  • ecology and the environment
  • epidemiology
  • immunology
  • infectious diseases
  • neuroscience
  • pharmacology
  • physiology
  • population biology


YearImpact FactorSi: BiologySi: Mathematical & Computational Biology
20151.16253 out of 8635 out of 56
20141.65833 out of 8524 out of 56
20131.43242 out of 8331 out of 52
20122.41220 out of 8311 out of 47
20111.81833 out of 8422 out of 47
20101.33344 out of 8527 out of 37
20091.02547 out of 7326 out of 29
20081.28939 out of 7122 out of 28
20071.32435 out of 7016 out of 26
20061.27830 out of 6417 out of 25

This information is taken from the Journal Citation Reports, published annually as part of the Science Citation Index by ISI.


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