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Best Twenty ICC Articles from First Twenty Years of Publication


A Selection by the Editors of Industrial and Corporate Change

1. Paul A. David, “Heroes, Herds and Hysteresis in Technological History: Thomas Edison and ‘The Battle of the Systems’ Reconsidered,” 1:1 (1992)

2. Bruce Greenwald and Joseph E. Stiglitz, “Information, Finance, and Markets,” 1:1 (1992)

3. Alfred D. Chandler, Jr., “Corporate Strategy, Structure and Control Methods in the United States during the 20th Century,” 1:2 (1992)

4. Elinor Ostrom, “Self-Organization and Social Capital,” 4:1 (1995)

5. Oliver E. Williamson, “Hierarchies, Markets and Power in the Economy: An Economic Perspective,” 4:1 (1995)

6. Keith Pavitt, “Technologies, Products and Organization in the Innovating Firm: What Adam Smith Tells Us and Joseph Schumpeter Doesn’t,” 7:3 (1998)

7. Roy Radner, “Costly and Bounded Rationality in Individual and Team Decision-Making,” 9:4 (2000)

8. Christopher Freeman, “Technological Infrastructure and International Competitiveness,” ICC 13:3 (2004)

9. Eric Bartelsman, Stefano Scarpetta and Fabiano Schivardi, “Comparative Analysis of Firm Demographics and Survival Evidence from Micro-Level Sources in OECD Countries,” 14:3 (2005)

10. Brent Goldfarb, “Diffusion of General-Purpose Technologies: Undertsanding Patterns in the Electrification of US Manufacturing 1880-1930,” 14:5 (2005)

11. Sidney G. Winter, “Toward a Neo-Schumpeterian Theory of the Firm,” 15:1 (2006)

12. Robert Gibbons, “What the Folk Theorem Doesn’t Tell Us,” 15:2 (2006)

13. Michael T. Hannan, James N. Baron, Greta Hsu and Ozgecan Kocak, “Organizational Identities and the Hazard of Change,” 15:5 (2006)

14. Richard R. Nelson, “Reflections on ‘The Simple Economics of Basic Scientific Research’,” 15:6 (2006)

15. Carliss Y. Baldwin, “Where Do Transactions Come From?: Modularity, Transactions, and the Boundaries of Firms,” 17:1 (2008)

16. Giulio Bottazzi, Angelo Secchi and Federico Tamagni, “Productivity, Profitability and Financial Performance,” 17:4 (2008)

17. Bruno Cassiman, Reinhilde Veugelers and Pluvia Zuniga, “In Search of Performance Effects of (In)direct Industry Science Links,” 17:4 (2008)

18. Victor P. Goldberg, “Lawyers Asleep at the Wheel?: The GM-Fisher Body Contract,” 17:5 (2008)

19. Ronald Dore, “Financialization of the Global Economy,” 17:6 (2008)

20. Gary P. Pisano, “The Evolution of Science-Based Business: Innovating How We Innovate,” 19:2 (2010)

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5-Yr impact factor: 2.071


Glenn Carroll
Giovanni Dosi
Daniel Levinthal
Franco Malerba
Paul Nightingale
David Teece
Fredrik Tell
Stefano Brusoni

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