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Information for Authors


The Journal of the American Academy of Religion (JAAR) publishes scholarly research of exceptional merit, addressing important issues and demonstrating the highest standards of excellence in conceptualization, exposition, and methodology. We use a double-blind review process to assess submissions. Authors do not know the identity of reviewers, and reviewers do not know the identity of authors.

Reviewers are chosen for their expertise in particular subject areas and for their sound judgment regarding what is important in the field of religious studies and to the readership of the JAAR. Because JAAR reaches a local audience of members of the American Academy of Religion as well as a much wider academic audience, authors must demonstrate that their analysis illuminates a significant research problem or engages with an important question of broad and fundamental interest to the study of religion.

The words “broad and fundamental” are key. In writing for us you are writing for the field of religious studies as a whole. We are not asking authors to speak to the lowest common denominator interests of the JAAR audience. Articles should—and almost inevitably will—draw on and speak to a particular subfield. However, they also need to offer content and conclusions that will be of interest to people outside that subfield.

If your article was originally written with an audience of insiders in mind (as a conference paper, for example), please take the time to reframe your article for JAAR readers, providing necessary background information and highlighting the relevance of your work to religious studies as a whole. If, in the editor’s opinion, this reframing has not taken place, your submission will be returned to you for reframing prior to being sent out for peer review.

Editorial correspondence should be addressed to:

Cynthia Eller, Editor

Journal of the American Academy of Religion
Claremont Graduate University
150 E. Tenth Street
Claremont, CA 91711 USA

Authors must submit their manuscripts via our online submission system. Instructions can be found here. Papers should be roughly 8,000-12,000 words in length (including references and footnotes). An abstract of not more than 150 words must accompany each manuscript, and authors should provide full contact information, including e-mail address, with manuscripts. All manuscripts accepted are subject to editorial modification. Authors may find the style sheet here.

We read carefully every article that is submitted to us. Given our volume of submissions and our small editorial staff, it may take a month or more for us to do a close reading of your manuscript and determine if it should be sent out for peer review, or alternatively, if it would be better served by a journal other than JAAR. External reviewers are given a month to review a submission, but sometimes need more time. Occasionally, external reviewers are unable to follow through, and alternate reviewers must be identified and given time to read a submission and comment on it. All told, it may take up to six months before we come to a decision on a manuscript. If you consider your material especially timely, please draw the Editor’s attention to this, and as necessary, the process will be expedited.

JAAR encourages the submission of suitable illustrations. Information on preparing illustrations can be found here. If your article is accepted for publication, illustrations will appear in black–and-white in the print journal, and in color in the online version. Authors may also submit audio and video clips to accompany their article. These, obviously, will only be available in the online version.

Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to reprint extracts and reproduce illustrations, and to disseminate audio and video clips. Permissions forms should be supplied with the final manuscript. All necessary credits and acknowledgments should be included in the figure legends.

Manuscripts must be clearly written in English. If you would like additional help with the quality of your written English, including grammar, spelling, and language usage, visit here. Several specialist language editing companies offer similar services and you can also use any of these. Authors are liable for all costs associated with such services.

Upon receipt of accepted manuscripts at Oxford Journals, authors will be invited to complete an online copyright License to Publish form. Crossref Funding Data Registry: In order to meet your funding requirements authors are required to name their funding sources, or state if there are none, during the submission process. For further information on this process or to find out more about the CHORUS initiative please click here.

Please note that by submitting an article for publication you confirm that you are the corresponding/submitting author and that Oxford University Press ("OUP") may retain your email address for the purpose of communicating with you about the article. You agree to notify OUP immediately if your details change. If your article is accepted for publication OUP will contact you using the e-mail address you have used in the registration process. Please note that OUP does not retain copies of rejected articles.

VAT Charges for Offprint Orders. Orders from the UK will be subject to the current UK VAT charge. For orders from elsewhere in the EU, you or your institution should account for VAT by way of a reverse charge. Please provide us with your or your institution’s VAT number.


Cynthia Eller

Journal of the American Academy of Religion
Claremont Graduate University
150 E. Tenth Street
Claremont, CA 91711 USA

JAAR does not guarantee review of unsolicited books.

JAAR does not publish book reviews from graduate students nor does it publish unsolicited book reviews. In light of the many books submitted for review, the editorial office will not be able to field queries concerning potential coverage of submitted books in JAAR.