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The Editor-in-Chief, has selected the following key articles which showcase the best of the Journal of African Economies

Regional Agreements and Welfare in the South: When Scale Economies in Transport Matter
Céline Carrère

The Dynamics of Job Creation and Job Destruction in an African Economy: Evidence from Ethiopia
Admasu Shiferawa and Arjun S. Bedic

Institutions and African Economies: An Overview
Augustin Kwasi Fosu

Other choice articles:

Determinants of Black Women's Labour Force Participation in Post-Apartheid South Africa
Miracle Ntulia and Martin Wittenberg

Race, Poverty and Deprivation in South Africa
Carlos Gradín

Aid and Dutch Disease in Sub-Saharan Africa
David Fielding and Fred Gibson

What Drives Corruption? Evidence from North African Firms
Clara Delavallade

Does the System of Allocation of Intergovernmental Transfers in Senegal Eliminate Politically Motivated Targeting?
Emilie Caldeira

The Short-run Impact of Oil Windfalls in Low-income Countries: A DSGE Approach
Jihad Dagher, Jan Gottschalk, and Rafael Portillo

Mines, Migration and HIV/Aids in Southern Africa by Lucia Cornoa and Damien de Walqueb has been cited in the Mail & Guardian article: "Fighting HIV underground"

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