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Nino Cassese

Nino Cassese, in Memoriam

Nino Cassese

There are events one would never want to happen. There are lines one would never want to write. No matter how long you think of them and try to find the right thoughts, the right words, they simply do not come forth. With the perfect phrase out of reach, we can only resort to reporting the plainest of facts: On 22 October 2011, Nino Cassese passed away.

The 'family' of the Journal of International Criminal Justice is close to his beloved: to his wife Sylvia, and his children and grandchildren. They have learned to bear with us and with the time Nino would devote to his Journal. We are grateful for their generosity and support and we offer them our heartfelt condolences.

It is hard to describe how much Nino will be missed. He is with us in everything we do. We hear him telling us to stop mourning and to start working — to propose new exciting symposia, imagine special issues, to commission articles on the history of international criminal law and comments on judgements and decisions just rendered, and to call on his numerous friends to author papers for the Journal. Always the Professor, Nino has left each of us with our 'homework', his quiet inspiration to complete an unfinished task of importance.

Nino you are with us forever because you taught us to be what we are. You always led by your courageous and independent example. Even if our last tears have not dried, we are ready to craft another Editorial and to offer a Special Issue in your honour, in accordance with the values you held dear. - Salvatore Zappalà

The Journal of International Criminal Justice has published a Special Issue in honour of Nino - 'Tribute Issue: Antonio Cassese's International Criminal Justice,' which can be read here. The European Journal of International Law has also published a special reflection in honour of Nino, 'Realizing Utopia: Reflections on Antonio Cassese’s Vision of International Law' which can be read here. This is an occasion both to take stock of the development of international criminal justice and to reflect on the impact of Nino's writings and decisions.

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