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About the Journal

The Journal of the ICRU publishes reports on important and topical subjects within the field of radiation science and measurement. It is the successor to the series of reports published by or on behalf of the International Commission on Radiation Units and Measurements (ICRU) since 1927. The Commission continually reviews radiation science with the aim of identifying areas where the development of guidance and recommendations can make an important contribution. The journal consists of commissioned reports, and no submitted articles are accepted for publication.


Radiation protection practitioners, dosimetrists and scientists in medicine, research, industry (including nuclear power) and universities radiation oncologists, radiotherapists, diagnostic radiologists, nuclear medicine physicians, medical physicists, regulators, radiobiologists, epidemiologists, emergency prepardness engineers, environmentalists and instrument designers.


Journal of the ICRU is covered by the following indexing service:

The Standard Periodical Directory
Summon (ProQuest service)
Scopus (Elsevier service)


The Journal of the ICRU takes publication ethics very seriously. If misconduct is found or suspected after a report is published, the journal will investigate the matter and this may result in a subsequent retraction.


Crossref Funding Data Registry. In order to meet your funding requirements authors are required to name their funding sources in the manuscript. For further information on this process or to find out more about the CHORUS initiative please click here.


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