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Page Charges

The journal strongly discourages authors from exceeding the word and insert limits. The page charges are $55 for each of the first 6 printed pages and then $85 for each subsequent printed page. The Editors, at their discretion, may waive these charges. Invited articles and correspondence are exempt from page charges.

Color Charges

Authors are charged for the print reproduction of color figures. The cost is $550/£353/€454 per page for the first printed page and then $440/£283/€363 for each subsequent printed page. Authors should state in their cover letter whether they will bear the cost of reproducing their color figures or whether they prefer to have them published in black and white at no additional cost.

Billing and Waivers

The publisher will bill the author concurrently for page and color charges and for reprints. Invited Perspectives, Editorials, and Correspondence related to articles recently published in JID will not be subject to page charges. In unusual circumstances, the Editor may waive page charges.