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About the Journal

The Journal of Molecular Cell Biology (JMCB) is an online, peer-reviewed journal interested in inter-disciplinary studies at the cross-sections between molecular and cell biology as well as other disciplines of life sciences. The broad scope of JMCB reflects the merging of these life science disciplines such as stem cell research, signaling, genetics, epigenetics, genomics, development, immunology, cancer biology, molecular pathogenesis, neuroscience, and systems biology. The journal will publish primary research papers with findings of unusual significance and broad scientific interest. Review articles, letters and commentary on timely issues are also welcome.

JMCB features an outstanding Editorial Board, which will serve as scientific advisors to the journal and provide strategic guidance for the development of the journal. By selecting only the best papers for publication, JMCB will provide a first rate publishing forum for scientists all over the world.

YearImpact FactorSi: Cell Biology
20156.45933 out of 187
20146.87031 out of 184
20138.43227 out of 185
20127.30831 out of 184
20117.66728 out of 180
201013.40013 out of 177

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