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About the Journal

About the Journal

The Journal of Music Therapy (JMT) is a forum for authoritative articles of current music therapy research and theory, including book reviews and guest editorials. The journal’s mission statement and content criteria are as follows:

Mission Statement

The Journal of Music Therapy seeks to advance research, theory, and practice in music therapy through the dissemination of scholarly work. Its mission is to promote scholarly activity in music therapy and to foster the development and understanding of music therapy and music-based interventions. To this end, the journal publishes all types of research, including quantitative, qualitative, historical, philosophical, theoretical, and musical, and may include discipline, profession, and foundational research topics. The journal strives to present a variety of research approaches and topics, to promote critical inquiry, and to serve as a resource and forum for researchers, educators, and clinicians in music therapy and related professions

Journal Content

The Journal of Music Therapy publishes research articles that advance the science and practice of music therapy, All papers for publication are selected on the basis of their quality and contribution to existing knowledge. About 30% of submitted manuscripts are accepted for publication and include but are not limited to qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methodologies; historical, descriptive, or philosophical inquiries; and systematic reviews, integrative reviews, meta-analysis, or meta-synthesis. Individual case studies or studies with very small numbers of participants are rarely published; however, an innovative case study may be accepted due to its unique contribution to knowledge