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JPO events, conferences and workshops

JPO editors will be attending several events in 2015

  • Event: ANZIBA Doctoral Colloquium
    Date: 11 February, 2015
    Location: Melbourne, Australia
    Editors attending: David
  • Event: ISA RC52
    Date: 19-21 March, 2015
    Location: Milan, Italy
    Editors attending: Daniel, Mirko
  • Event: EGOS Colloquium
    Date: 2-4 July, 2015
    Location: Athens, Greece
    Editors attending: Huseyin
  • Event: Oxford PSF Conference
    Date: 5-7 July, 2015
    Location: Oxford, UK
    Editors attending: Daniel, David
  • Event: Academy of Management Meeting, PDW, "Professional Organization Research: Methodological Issues, Challenges and Opportunities"
    Date: 7-11 August, 2015
    Location: Vancouver, Canada
    Editors attending: Beth, Daniel, David, Huseyin

Prospective authors and participants are welcome to contact JPO's editors, David Brock (, Elizabeth Goodrick (, Hüseyin Leblebici (, Daniel Muzio (, and Mirko Noordegraaf ( for further details.