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Book Review Guidelines

All parties interested in reviewing books for the journal should contact the General Editor by email at

Standard Book Reviews should be no longer than 1500 words although depending on the book being reviewed they may be shorter or long, book reviewers should discuss the length of the review with the General Editor before writing. All book reviews should be prepared and submitted following the general Instructions to Authors of this journal.

The following information should be given about the book being reviewed at the start of each review:

Author / Editor Name, Book Title, Publisher, Year of Publication, ISBN: 000-0-00-000000-0, Number of Pages, Price

Book reviews should be timely and objective and should consider the following:

  • The intended audience for the book and who would find it useful
  • The main ideas and major objectives of the book and how effectively these are accomplished
  • The soundness of methods and information sources used
  • The context or impetus for the book - political controversy, review research or policy, etc
  • Constructive comments about the strength and weaknesses of the book

For any queries about Book Reviews please contact the General Editor.