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Migration Studies

Call for Papers

Migration Studies showcases scholarship that builds connections across the distinctive field of migration studies. Migration Studies welcomes high quality research on human migration in all its manifestations, and particularly work that presents:

  • comparative findings with relevance beyond a single case study
  • new methodological techniques and insights, or
  • new theoretical takes on the drivers, dimensions and impacts of migration.

Reviewers are asked to evaluate whether or not submissions meet at least one of these criteria.

All submissions are reviewed through a Global Editorial Board of leading migration scholars in Anthropology, Demography, Economics, Forced Migration Studies, Geography, History, Psychology, Political Science, International Relations, and Sociology.

The journal welcomes research that is anchored in a discipline whilst also engaging across disciplinary boundaries with other migration researchers.


Migration Studies is of interest to readers who need authoritative academic perspectives on the underlying questions and ideas that really matter in debates about human mobility. The journal is first and foremost a forum for high quality scholarship, but it is committed making academic work intelligible and relevant to a readership including experts in policy and practice beyond the academy, and in this respect draws on the expertise of several senior officials from international organizations that deal with migration.

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