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Thematic Collection and Classics: Resources

MBE now releases a list of articles designated Citation Classics to celebrate and highlight the diversity and impact of MBE publications in molecular evolutionary research. The Early (1983 – 2007) and Recent (2008 – 2012) Citation Classics are selected based on the highest number of citations per year in each period (see below). Overall, a total of 1% of MBE’s publications is given Citation Classic designations. Of these, publications primarily focused on Resources for use in evolutionary analysis are listed below in reverse chronological order. In addition, we have highlighted a few recently published resource contributions.

Recently Published Resources (2011-2012)

MBE Recent Citation Classics (2008 – 2012)

MBE Early Citation Classics (1983 – 2007)

Selection Procedure. For the Early category, life-time citation impacts of publications from 1983 – 2007 were obtained from Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge on October 15, 2012. From the resulting set (>3,500), 18 publications reporting biological discoveries and 18 publications reporting methods and resources were designated Early Citation Classics. For the Recent category, seven discovery and seven methods and resources publications were selected based on the highest number of citations per year for publications between 2008 and 2012 (>1,300).

Updated on 19th October 2012