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ELM - Eukaryotic Linear Motif: functional sites in eukaryotic proteins

NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 1347
Cathryn M. Gould, Francesca Diella, Allegra Via, Pål Puntervoll, Christine Gemünd, Sophie Chabanis-Davidson, Sushama Michael, Ahmed Sayadi, Jan Christian Bryne, Claudia Chica, Markus Seiler, Norman E. Davey, Niall Haslam, Robert J. Weatheritt, Aidan Budd, Tim Hughes, Jakub Pa?, Leszek Rychlewski, Gilles Travé, Rein Aasland, Manuela Helmer-Citterich, Rune Linding, and Toby J. Gibson

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