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IRESdb - the Internal Ribosome Entry Site database

NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 379
Bonnal, S., Boutonnet, C., Prado-Lourenco, L., Vagner, S.
INSERM U397, Institut Louis Bugnard, CHU Rangueil, 31043 Toulouse, France

Database Description

Internal Ribosome Entry Sites (IRES) are cis-acting RNA sequences able to mediate internal entry of the 40S ribosomal subunit on some eukaryotic and viral messenger RNAs upstream of a translation initiation codon. These sequences are very diverse and are present in a growing list of mRNAs. Novel IRES sequences continue to be added to public databases every year and the list of unknown IRESes is certainly still very large. The IRES database is a comprehensive WWW ressource for internal ribosome entry sites and presents currently available general informations as well as detailed data for each IRES. It is a searchable, periodically updated collection of IRES RNA sequences. Sequences are presented in FASTA form and hotlinked to NCBI GenBank files. Several subsets of data are classified according to the viral taxon (for viral IRESes), to the gene product function (for cellular IRESes), to the possible cellular regulation or to the trans-acting factor that mediates IRES function. This database is accessible at

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