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NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 397

Database Description

VirGen is a comprehensive viral genome resource that has been developed with the objective of serving as an annotated and curated database comprising complete genome sequences of viruses, value-added derived data and data mining tools (Kulkarni-Kale et al., 2004). A well-annotated genome record, in consistency with ICTV is identified as a 'representative entry' for every viral species. The representative entries are then used for genome annotation using sequence-based Bioinformatics approaches. The genomic data is also curated to identify 'alternate names' of viral proteins. VirGen archives the results of comparisons of genomes, proteomes and individual proteins within and between viral species. It is the first resource to provide phylogenetic trees of viral species computed using whole-genome sequence data. The module of predicted B-cell antigenic determinants in VirGen is an attempt to link the genome to its vaccinome. Comparative genome analysis data facilitate the study of genome organization and evolution of viruses, which would have implications in applied research to identify candidates for the design of vaccines and antiviral drugs. VirGen is a relational database and is available at

Recent Developments

With the current release (v1.7), VirGen includes data for 25 viral families that include 2475 genomes and 22006 annotated proteins. Previously only viruses containing RNA as genome material were present, however with the current release complete coverage of viruses with regards to type of genomic material and host range has been achieved. A new methodology has been developed and implemented to annotate un-annotated regions in viral genomes especially those that arose due to insertions. The main tool bar now contains pull-down menu to navigate viral genome data according to type of genome material instead of family name directly.


Kulkarni-Kale U, Bhosle S, Manjari GS, Kolaskar AS. VirGen: a comprehensive viral genome resource, Nucleic Acids Res. 2004, 32: D289-D292

Subcategory: Viral genome databases

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