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NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 461

Database Description

The ERGO genome analysis and discovery system represents the development of a genome analysis strategy into a multi-dimensional environment, which supports both automatic and manual genome-wide curation. ERGO integrates genomic information with biochemical data, literature, and high-throughput analysis into a comprehensive user-friendly network of metabolic and non-metabolic pathways. The ERGO user can take into account sequence similarity, protein and gene context clustering, occurrence profiles, regulatory and expression data, as well as functional hierarchies in order to achieve a set of the best possible functional predictions.

The Light edition, as its name denotes, is a streamlined version of the enterprise-scale ERGO Bioinformatics Suite, which is available only through subscription. ERGO-Light currently has only 7 genomes and is essentially a read-only version, lacking the annotation tools and the ability to configure a user environment. However, Light contains a full set of individual genome analysis tools and all the primary data types found in ERGO, including full contig data, protein sequence and annotations and chromosomal clustering information. Users can take advantage of the full metabolic and non-metabolic pathway database (containing over 5000 pathways) and a sample of the highly-curated bacterial metabolic reconstruction.

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