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EMGlib - Enhanced Microbial Genomes Library (discontinued)

NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 70

Database Description

The Enhanced Microbial Genomes Library (EMGLib) is a database system containing all the complete genomes sequenced from prokaryotic organisms (bacteria and archaea). The data introduced in EMGLib are taken primarily from the genome division at NCBI ( The GenBank flat files used are modified by the introduction of additional annotations. Among these modifications are: (i) codon adaptation index values for protein genes, (ii) gene orientation on the chromosome (leading and lagging), (iii) putative localisations for replication origin and terminus. EMGLib is distributed as an ACNUC database but it is also possible to access it on line thanks to two World-Wide Web servers: the PBIL at, and MICADO at

Recent Developments

We have decided to remove eukaryotic genomes from the database in a way to focus on complete prokaryotic genomes. Moreover, we have slightly modified the sequence names given to the EMGLib entries. We are now using a convention similar to the one used by SWISS-PROT in which the first five characters of the sequence name represents the biological source of the genome (e.g., AERPECG stands for Aeropyrum pernix complete genome).


This work was supported thanks to CNRS grants 'Action Bioinformatique' and 'ThÉmatiques Prioritaires'

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