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NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 71
St. Pierre, Susan; Ponting, Laura; Stefancsik, Raymund; McQuilton, Peter and the FlyBase Consortium

Database Description

FlyBase is an integrated resource for genetic, molecular, and descriptive data concerning the Drosophilidae, including interactive genomic maps, gene product descriptions, mutant allele phenotypes, genetic interactions, expression patterns, transgenic constructs and their insertions, anatomy and images, and genetic stock collections. Data are captured from bulk data sources, by curation from the literature, and by annotation based on assessment of contributing evidence; data capture is organized around consistent attribution to primary sources. As far as is possible, descriptive data are curated using controlled vocabularies (CV), including the Gene Ontology for molecular function, biological process and cellular component, the Sequence Ontology ontology for sequence features, and an extensive CV for anatomical terms and developmental stages.

Recent Developments

Historically, Drosophila melanogaster has been the most extensively studied species of the Drosophilidae, and thus the primary emphasis of FlyBase. Recent determination of the genomic sequences of an additional eleven Drosophila species opens up new avenues of research for other Drosophila species. FlyBase has developed tools to facilitate access to and navigation through this extensive new sequence resource, and is also making bulk data downloads available. FlyBase continues to refine the genome annotations of D. melanogaster, and is making use of comparative data from the other Drosophila species in this effort.

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