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T4-like genome database

NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 750
Nolan J.M.
School Of Science and Technology, Georgia Gwinnett College, Lawrenceville GA, 30043, USA

Database Description

The T4-like bacteriophage genome database is a compilation of information resources for T4-like Bacteriophage Genomes. Both GenBank and unpublished data are included. Approximately 40 completed genomes totaling more than 7.2 Mbp are available.

Completed phage genomes can be accessed by download or by interactive browsing. The browser allows users to scan the genome for particular features and to download sequence information plus analyses of those features. Views of the genome are generated showing named genes, BLAST similarities to other phages, predicted tRNAs, and other sequence features. Links are provided from the browser to gene-specific pages, with DNA sequence and protein sequences.

A T4-like phage BLAST server is available to allow researchers to rapidly search a focused set of genomes. Links to additional phage information are also available, including Genetic Map figures, electron micrographs, annotation tables, sequence files, and links to GenBank annotations. Links to other web sites with information about T4-like bacteriophage are also listed.


We are grateful to Jim Karam, and Vasiliy Petrov, from the Department of Biochemistry at Tulane University Health Sciences Center and Eric Miller at North Carolina State University for their collaboration and to Lincoln Stein for the GBrowse Browser software. This work was supported by awards from the National Science Foundation to Jim Karam (EF-0333130) and Jim Nolan (EF-0806694).

Subcategory: Viral genome databases

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