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Defensins Knowledgebase

NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 945
Seebah S.1, Anita S.2, Zhuo S.W.2, Yong H.C.2, Chua H.2, Chuon D.2, Beuerman R.1, Verma C.S.2
1Singapore Eye Research Institute, c/o Singapore National Eye Centre, 11 Third Hospital Avenue, Level 6, Singapore 168751
2 Bioinformatics Institute, 30 Biopolis Way, #07-01 Matrix, Singapore 138671

Database Description

The defensins knowledgebase is a manually curated database and information source devoted to the defensin family of antimicrobial peptides. The current version of the database holds a comprehensive collection of over 350 defensin records each containing sequence, structure and activity information. A web-based interface provides access to the information and allows for text-based searching on various data fields. With the rapidly increasing interest in defensins, we hope that the knowledgebase will prove to be a valuable resource in the field of antimicrobial peptide research.

Subcategory: Drugs and drug design

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