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Authors are encouraged to submit colour figures to be considered for use on the cover of NAR. This includes authors of Online Methods papers. Such figures must be related to the manuscript they accompany, but must not be the same as a figure or part of a figure within the manuscript itself. Potential cover figures should be uploaded as separate files during the online submission of a manuscript. Please check the appropriate box when you are completing your manuscript details.

The figure should be supplied as a .tif file at a minimum resolution of 300 d.p.i. It should be saved with the CMYK colour option, and be of a size that requires no reduction or enlargement before reproduction (width 220 mm; depth 165 mm; inclusive of background). Figures should preferably be created on a dark colour block background. Colours should be bright and clearly distinct from one another. Authors must contact the Executive Editor who is handling their manuscript for advice on the suitability of a prospective cover figure and for information on selection procedures. If a figure is accepted for the cover, the corresponding author will receive three gratis print copies of the issue cover. Please note cover figures selected for the online-only Database and WebServer issues will not be printed.