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nar waiver

Under NAR’s fully Open Access model the journal’s costs are covered primarily by author publication charges (rather than subscription fees). NAR has a small budget for waiving Open Access charges for authors in developing countries and others in genuine financial hardship. Funds for waivers are limited, however, as the journal would not be sustainable without income from author charges to cover its costs. In particular, requests for waivers from authors with funding outlined on this page cannot be considered. The NAR Editors hope that contributors to NAR will support the journal’s open access model by paying the publication charges if they are able to do so.

This form is for Open Access charges only; we regret that excess page charges cannot be waived.

If it is impossible for you to pay the Open Access publication charge outlined below, please complete all sections of this form and submit it to our editorial office for consideration. All applications must be authorised by a supporting applicant (e.g. Senior financial administrator, Head of Department).

NAR Open Access Publication Charges

• Corresponding authors based at NAR member institutions – £710/$1385/€1065 per article
• Corresponding authors based at non-member institutions – £1420/$2770/€2130 per article

Full Waiver
Partial Waiver