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Hot Papers from 2006

Below is a list of the most frequently accessed papers from all sections of NAR in 2006. The information has been compiled using online usage statistics, and papers are listed in rank order within the following sections:

Top Standard Category Papers, 2006
Top Methods papers, 2006
Top Database Issue papers, 2006
Top Web Server Issue papers, 2006
Top papers from previous years


BRCA1: cell cycle checkpoint, genetic instability, DNA damage response and cancer evolution
Chu-Xia Deng
(2006), Volume 34 Issue 5 1416-1426 [Abstract] [Full Text]

Microarray-based DNA methylation profiling: technology and applications
Axel Schumacher, Philipp Kapranov, Zachary Kaminsky, James Flanagan, Abbas Assadzadeh, Patrick Yau, Carl Virtanen, Neil Winegarden, Jill Cheng, Thomas Gingeras, and Arturas Petronis
(2006), Volume 34 Issue 2 528-542 [Abstract] [Full Text]

Cloning and expression of new microRNAs from zebrafish
Wigard P. Kloosterman, Florian A. Steiner, Eugene Berezikov, Ewart de Bruijn, Jose van de Belt, Mark Verheul, Edwin Cuppen, and Ronald H.A. Plasterk
(2006), Volume 34 Issue 9 2558-2569 [Abstract] [Full Text]

Systematic identification of microRNA functions by combining target prediction and expression profiling
Xiaowei Wang and Xiaohui Wang
(2006), Volume 34 Issue 5 1646-1652 [Abstract] [Full Text]

Experimental approaches to identify non-coding RNAs
Alexander Hüttenhofer and Jörg Vogel
(2006), Volume 34 Issue 2 635-646 [Abstract] [Full Text]


MicroRNA expression profiling of single whole embryonic stem cells
Fuchou Tang, Petra Hajkova, Sheila C. Barton, Kaiqin Lao, and M. Azim Surani
(2006), Volume 34 Issue 2 e9 [Abstract] [Full Text]

Fast chromatin immunoprecipitation assay
Joel D. Nelson, Oleg Denisenko, Pavel Sova, and Karol Bomsztyk
(2006), Volume 34 Issue 1 e2 [Abstract] [Full Text]

Polycistronic RNA polymerase II expression vectors for RNA interference based on BIC/miR-155
Kwan-Ho Chung, Christopher C. Hart, Sarmad Al-Bassam, Adam Avery, Jennifer Taylor, Paresh D. Patel, Anne B. Vojtek, and David L. Turner
(2006), Volume 34 Issue 7 e53 [Abstract] [Full Text]

Aptamer mediated siRNA delivery
Ted C. Chu, Karen Y. Twu, Andrew D. Ellington, and Matthew Levy
(2006), Volume 34 Issue 10 e73 [Abstract] [Full text]

An improved single-cell cDNA amplification method for efficient high-density oligonucleotide microarray analysis
Kazuki Kurimoto, Yukihiro Yabuta, Yasuhide Ohinata, Yukiko Ono, Kenichiro D. Uno, Rikuhiro G. Yamada, Hiroki R. Ueda, and Mitinori Saitou
(2006), Volume 34 Issue 5 e42 [Abstract] [Full text]


miRBase: microRNA sequences, targets and gene nomenclature
Sam Griffiths-Jones, Russell J. Grocock, Stijn van Dongen, Alex Bateman, and Anton J. Enright
(2006), Volume 34 D140-D144 [Abstract] [Full Text]

The Molecular Biology Database Collection: 2006 update
Michael Y. Galperin
(2006), Volume 34 D3-D5 [Abstract] [Full Text]

miRNAMap: genomic maps of microRNA genes and their target genes in mammalian genomes
Paul W.C. Hsu, Hsien-Da Huang, Sheng-Da Hsu, Li-Zen Lin, Ann-Ping Tsou, Ching-Ping Tseng, Peter F. Stadler, Stefan Washietl, and Ivo L. Hofacker
(2006), Volume 34 D135-D139 [Abstract] [Full Text]


RNAhybrid: microRNA target prediction easy, fast and flexible
Jan Krüger and Marc Rehmsmeier
(2006), Volume 34 W451-W454 [Abstract] [Full Text]

A compilation of molecular biology web servers: 2006 update on the Bioinformatics Links Directory
Joanne A. Fox, Scott McMillan, and B. F. Francis Ouellette
(2006), Volume 34 W3-W5 [Abstract] [Full Text]

HubMed: a web-based biomedical literature search interface
Alfred D. Eaton
(2006), Volume 34 W745-W747 [Abstract] [Full Text]


Below is a selection of top papers from previous years, which continue to be highly accessed (again listed in order of usage in 2006). Links take you to the full-text of these articles, which are freely available online.

A new mathematical model for relative quantification in real-time RT-PCR
Michael W. Pfaffl
(2001), Volume 29, Issue 9 e45 [Abstract] [Full text]

NCBI GEO: mining millions of expression profiles—database and tools
Tanya Barrett, Tugba O. Suzek, Dennis B. Troup, Stephen E. Wilhite, Wing-Chi Ngau, Pierre Ledoux, Dmitry Rudnev, Alex E. Lash, Wataru Fujibuchi, and Ron Edgar
(2005), Volume 33, Database Issue D562-D566 [Abstract] [Full Text]

The Pfam protein families database
Alex Bateman, Lachlan Coin, Richard Durbin, Robert D. Finn, Volker Hollich, Sam Griffiths-Jones, Ajay Khanna, Mhairi Marshall, Simon Moxon, Erik L. L. Sonnhammer, David J. Studholme, Corin Yeats, and Sean R. Eddy
(2004), Volume 32, Database Issue D138-D141 [Abstract] [Full Text]

Gapped BLAST and PSI-BLAST: a new generation of protein database search programs
S.F. Altschul, T.L. Madden, A.A. Schaffer, J. Zhang, Z. Zhang, W. Miller, and D.J. Lipman
(1997), Volume25, Issue 17 3389-3402 [Abstract] [Full Text]

Mfold web server for nucleic acid folding and hybridization prediction
Michael Zuker
(2003), Volume 31, Issue 13 3406-3415 [Abstract] [Full Text]

Real-time quantification of microRNAs by stem–loop RT–PCR
Caifu Chen, Dana A. Ridzon, Adam J. Broomer, Zhaohui Zhou, Danny H. Lee, Julie T. Nguyen, Maura Barbisin, Nan Lan Xu, Vikram R. Mahuvakar, Mark R. Andersen, Kai Qin Lao, Kenneth J. Livak, and Karl J. Guegler
(2005), Volume 33, Issue 20 e179 [Abstract] [Full Text]

(Data taken from download statistics for 2006)