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NDT on a Global Scale

Welcome to the homepage for the ndt newsletters. These new publications aim to bring you the latest cutting-edge research from around the world, giving you a global perspective on developments in the field of nephrology, dialysis and transplantation. The North America Newsletter focuses on an area which has enriched ndt through the substantial amount of high quality submissions it has produced throughout the past year. The enthusiastic support for the journal from the USA and Canada, and the prolific nature of this area’s submissions and reviews is a benefit that can now be shared with colleagues in other locations.

The China Newsletter aims to disseminate the rapid advancements being made in Chinese nephrology to colleagues in the Western hemisphere. China has leading centres performing cutting-edge research across the whole spectrum of renal medicine, and is set to rapidly climb the ranks of countries contributing to nephrology literature. Currently, North America and China are the two areas pioneering the new newsletter initiative, but more are in the pipeline so that nephrologists all over the world can share their work and keep well-informed of the advances of their international colleagues. To find out more about research being conducted around the globe, click on the links below to visit the corresponding newsletter’s page.

Please use this interactive map to find out more about NDT's global research. Just click on the countries title to read the corresponding newsletter.

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