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World Kidney Day 2014 - Chronic Kidney Disease and Ageing

In celebration of World Kidney Day on March 13, we have made a collection of Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation articles on this year's theme, 'Chronic Kidney Disease and Ageing', free throughout March and April. Click here for further information on World Kidney Day.

Conservative care in Europe—nephrologists’ experience with the decision not to start renal replacement therapy
Moniek W.M. van de Luijtgaarden, Marlies Noordzij, Wim van Biesen, Cecile Couchoud, Giovanni Cancarini, Willem-Jan W. Bos, Friedo W. Dekker, Jose L. Gorriz, Christos Iatrou, Christoph Wanner, Patrik Finne, Olivera Stojceva-Taneva, Svjetlana Cala, Vianda S. Stel, Charles Tomson and Kitty J. Jager
(2013) 28 (10): 2604-2612.

Screening for albuminuria with subsequent screening for hypertension and hypercholesterolaemia identifies subjects in whom treatment is warranted to prevent cardiovascular events
Akin Özyilmaz, Stephan J.L. Bakker, Dick de Zeeuw, Paul E. de Jong and Ron T. Gansevoort
(2013) 28 (11): 2805-2815.

Long-term effects of addition of mineralocorticoid receptor antagonist to angiotensin II receptor blocker in patients with diabetic nephropathy: a randomized clinical trial
Alireza Esteghamati, Sina Noshad, Sorour Jarrah, Mostafa Mousavizadeh, Seyed Hamid Khoee and Manouchehr Nakhjavani
(2013) 28 (11): 2823-2833.

A European Renal Best Practice (ERBP) position statement on the Kidney Disease Improving Global Outcomes (KDIGO) Clinical Practice Guidelines on Acute Kidney Injury: Part 1: definitions, conservative management and contrast-induced nephropathy
Danilo Fliser, Maurice Laville, Adrian Covic, Denis Fouque, Raymond Vanholder, Laurent Juillard and Wim Van Biesen
(2012) 27 (12): 4263-4272.

A European Renal Best Practice (ERBP) position statement on the Kidney Disease Improving Global Outcomes (KDIGO) Clinical Practice Guidelines on Acute Kidney Injury: part 2: renal replacement therapy
Achim Jörres, Stefan John, Andrew Lewington, Pieter M. ter Wee, Raymond Vanholder, Wim Van Biesen and James Tattersall
(2013) 28 (12): 2940-2945.

A randomized comparison of 1-h sodium bicarbonate hydration versus standard peri-procedural saline hydration in patients with chronic kidney disease undergoing intravenous contrast-enhanced computerized tomography
Judith Kooiman, Yvo W.J. Sijpkens, Jean-Paul P.M. de Vries, Harald F.H. Brulez, Jaap F. Hamming, Aart J. van der Molen, Nico J.M. Aarts, Suzanne C. Cannegieter, Hein Putter, Renate Swarts, Wilbert B. van den Hout, Ton J. Rabelink and Menno V. Huisman

Performance of estimated glomerular filtration rates to monitor change in renal function in kidney transplant recipients
Jean-Pierre Fauvel, Aoumer Hadj-Aissa, Fanny Buron, Emmanuel Morelon and Michel Ducher
(2013) 28 (12): 3096-3100.

Living kidney donor estimated glomerular filtration rate and recipient graft survival
Ann Young, S. Joseph Kim, Amit X. Garg, Anjie Huang, Greg Knoll, G.V. Ramesh Prasad, Darin Treleaven and Charmaine E. Lokr
(2014) 29 (1): 188-195.

Extra-renal manifestations of autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD): considerations for routine screening and management
Randy L. Luciano and Neera K. Dahl
(2014) 29 (2): 247-254.

Prevalence and severity of oral disease in adults with chronic kidney disease: a systematic review of observational studies
Marinella Ruospo, Suetonia C. Palmer, Jonathan C. Craig, Giorgio Gentile, David W. Johnson, Pauline J. Ford, Marcello Tonelli, Massimo Petruzzi, Michele De Benedittis and Giovanni F.M. Strippoli
(2014) 29 (2): 364-375.

Does community-wide chronic kidney disease management improve patient outcomes?
Hugh C. Rayner, Jyoti Baharani, Indranil Dasgupta, Vijayan Suresh, Robert M. Temple, Mark E. Thomas and Steve A. Smith
(2014) 29 (3): 644-649.

Hypertension in hemodialysis patients treated with atenolol or lisinopril: a randomized controlled trial
Rajiv Agarwal, Arjun D. Sinha, Maria K. Pappas, Terri N. Abraham and Getachew G. Tegegne
(2014) 29 (3): 672-681.


Chronic Kidney Disease Defined by Cystatin C Predicts Mobility Disability and Changes in Gait Speed: The Framingham Offspring Study
Christine K. Liu, Asya Lyass, Joseph M. Massaro, Ralph B. D’Agostino Sr, Caroline S. Fox3, and Joanne M. Murabito.

Outcomes in Older Adults With Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease: Comparison of Peritoneal Dialysis and Conservative Management
Chun Keung Shum, Kui Fu Tam, Wai Leung Chak, Tuen Ching Chan, Ying Fai Mak and Ka Foon Chau

Aging and Chronic Kidney Disease: The Impact on Physical Function and Cognition
Shuchi Anand, Kirsten L. Johansen and Manjula Kurella Tamura.



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