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About the Journal

National Science Review is freely available online!

National Science Review is a peer-reviewed journal aimed at reviewing cutting-edge developments across science and technology in China and around the world. The journal covers all areas of the natural sciences, including physics and mathematics, chemistry, life sciences, earth sciences, materials sciences, and information sciences.


Written by the Editor-in-Chief, Associate Editors, Editorial board members, or prestigious invited scientists and policy makers on a broad range of topics from science to science policy and issues related to society at large.


Extensive reviews of the recent progress in specific areas of science, including historical reviews, recent advances made by scientists internationally as well as within China, and perspective for future development.


Articles on the latest developments in a specific area of research , viewpoints on recent progress in science and technology, scientific research funding and administration, as well as science-related social issues.

Research Highlights

Succinct summaries and comments on a recent research achievement in the natural sciences, with emphasis on the contributions of Chinese scientists.

Letters & Commentaries

The latest general interest letters and commentaries submitted to the journal.


In-depth interviews with leading scientists and science policy makers, both in China and abroad.


A platform for discussions on timely or controversial issues in science and technology development, science policies and funding mechanisms, and other societal issues in a variety of formats that include essays and transcripts of round-table discussions and point-counterpoint dialogues.

Special Topic

Comprehensive coverage of a specific research area with significant research progress in China or internationally. Contents include an overviwe of major advances in the field, extensive review articles, perspectives, research highlights, and interviews with prominent scientists.

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Chunli Bai

Executive Associate Editor

Mu-ming Poo

Associate Editors

Qikun Xue (Physics & Mathematics)
Song Gao (Chemistry)
Yigong Shi (Life Sciences)
Zhonghe Zhou (Earth Sciences)
Max Lu (Materials Sciences)
Lei Guo (Information Sciences)

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