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Occupational Medicine Podcast Episodes

Occupational Medicine Podcast from the Society of Occupational Medicine

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  • Podcast 10: Interviews with Katherine Targett and Ewan MacDonald
    This podcast features two interviews. The first interview is held with Katherine Targett, Consultant Occupational Physician in the NHS in Aberdeen and Assistant Editor for the Occupational Medicine Journal on the subject of her award winning paper on cystic fibrosis and employment.
    The second interview is held with Ewan MacDonald from the University of Glasgow on the research that he and his colleagues have published in the journal as well as his iconic career within the speciality of Occupational Medicine. These interviews were held in Edinburgh at the Institute of Occupational Medicine.
    December 2015 || 35 Minutes
  • Podcast 9: Interview with Professor Tom Sensky
    This podcast features an interview with Tom Sensky, Professor Psychological Medicine at Imperial College London on the subject of chronic embitterment. The interview was held at the SOM Annual Scientific Meeting in Manchester in July 2015, where Professor Sensky also presented “Chronic Embitterment and How to Manage it”. Also in the podcast, Professor Seaton muses on an aspect of medical life.
    August 2015 || 22 Minutes
  • Video: In this Issue - Volume 65 Issue 6
    Dr Tok Hussain introduces Volume 65 Issue 6.
    Watch on YouTube
    July 2015 || 4 Minutes
  • Video: In this Issue - Volume 65 Issue 4
    Dr Anil Adisesh introduces Volume 65 Issue 4.
    Watch on YouTube
    May 2015 || 4 Minutes
  • Podcast 8: Interview with Dr Craig Jackson
    This podcast features an interview with Craig Jackson, Professor of Occupational Health Psychology and Head of Psychology, Birmingham City University. Professor Jackson talks about some of his research published in Occupational Medicine over the last few years, including research on mobile workers, injury rates in horse racing stables and fitness testing in police officers.
    May 2015 || 31 Minutes
  • Video: In this Issue - Volume 65 Issue 3
    Dr Andrew Mounstephen introduces Volume 65 Issue 3.
    Watch on YouTube
    April 2015 || 3 Minutes
  • Video: In this Issue - Volume 65 Issue 1
    Dr John Hobson introduces Volume 65 Issue 1.
    Watch on YouTube
    January 2015 || 2 Minutes
  • Podcast 7: Interviews with Dr Julia Smedley, Dr Blandina Blackburn and Dr Cornelius Grobler
    In the 7th podcast for Occupational Medicine, editor, John Hobson interviews three authors at the Society of Occupational Medicine’s Annual Scientific Meeting which took place in Nottingham in July 2014. The first interview is with Blandina Blackburn who speaks about her article entitled Healthcare Workers' Attitude towards Influenza Vaccination After the 2009 Pandemic. John also speaks to Cornelius Grobler about his research on Self-reported Work-Related Musculoskeletal Injuries and Isometric Handgrip Strength. The next interview is with Julia Smedley, co-author of this year’s Esso Prize winning paper, Evaluation of a Case Management Service to reduce sickness absence. The podcast ends with a filler article read by Anthony Seaton.
    Oct 2014 || 33 Minutes
  • Podcast 6: Research in Occupational Medicine
    In the 6th podcast for Occupational Medicine journal, John Hobson, editor interviews Stefanos Kales at the American Occupational Health Conference in 2013. Stefanos is an Associate Professor at the Harvard School of Public Health and the Director of the Occupational and Environmental Specialist Training Programme. This podcast explores the research interest of Stefanos of the health of firefighters and in particular his recent publication in Occupational Medicine on sudden cardiac death in the fire service.
    June 2014 || 21 Minutes
  • Podcast 5: Research in Occupational Medicine
    The 5th occupational medicine podcast explores recent research published in Occupational Medicine from a researchers perspective. The first interview is with Prof Keith Palmer from the Medical Research Council at the University of Southampton whose paper with co-author Martin Cosgrove won the Esso prize for 2012. The second interview is with Fiona Hancock on family to work conflict. The podcast ends with Prof Anthony Seaton reading another of his interesting footnote articles published in 2010 on Irving Selikoff, famous for his research in asbestosis.
    August 2013 || 21 Minutes
  • Podcast 4: Occupational Medicine in Canada
    In the 4th podcast for Occupational Medicine journal, Anil Adisesh, assistant editor interviews 3 Canadian researchers at the Occupational and Environmental Medical Association of Canada conference in Vancouver (further information on the association can be found at
    The first interviewee is Dr Ron House, Associate Professor at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto. They discuss workers compensation in Canada, the increasing the role and training of family practitioners in occupational medicine in Canada and Ron’s experience with HAVS.
    The second interviewee is Dr Joan Saary, Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine at the University of Toronto At 10:04 on the podcast she discusses medical issues which passengers may experience as a result of the aircraft cabin environment and also the potential occupational health issues in flight crew. The podcast at 14:27 also covers Joan’s involvement in space medicine.
    The third interviewee is Dr Jerry Beach, Associate Professor and Residency Programme Director in the Division of Preventive Medicine, University of Alberta. The podcast at 20:34 covers occupational medicine in Canada It also covers Jerry’s experience of occupational asthma and related surveillance in Canada.
    February 2013 || 30 Minutes
  • Podcast 3: Occupational Medicine in Los Angeles
    This podcast has a North American flavour. John Hobson attended the 2012 American Conference on Occupational Health in Los Angeles to promote Occupational Medicine and took the opportunity to interview John Meyer and Jonathan Borak the US representatives on our international advisory board. They talk about the similarities and difference between occupational medicine on both sides of the Atlantic. John also interviewed fellow journal editor Paul Brandt-Rauf who edits the JOEM. Paul talks about his journal along with other interesting topics around being a journal editor. We also have an interview with the winners of the 2011 ESSO Prize which is awarded each year for the best piece of research published in Occupational Medicine. Finally we end with another wonderful filler piece narrated by its author Anthony Seaton.
    October 2012 || 30 Minutes
  • Podcast 2: Review of 2011
    This second Occupational Medicine podcast reviews the journal’s year during 2011. It contains interviews with Dr Finlay Dick and his research on work-related upper limb disorder, Dr Selina Wang from the University of Oxford and their research on shift work and cancer and Dr Jill Stocks from the University of Manchester who talks about THOR research on work related ill health in construction workers. In addition Professor Raymond Agius talks more widely about THOR, Mike McKiernan discusses his very popular Art and Occupation series and we finish the podcast with Professor Anthony Seaton reading one of his stimulating and entertaining filler articles.
    March 2012 || 50 Minutes
  • Podcast 1: The HSL Centenary
    A special podcast to celebrate the HSL centenary. It features interviews with HSL staff discussing some of the papers which they have submitted to the journal over the years.
    March 2012 || 29 Minutes

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