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FREE Virtual Issue: Occupational Health in the Netherlands

This FREE virtual issue includes, for the first time, all of the Dutch research published in the last five years by Occupational Medicine.

Articles include:

Sickness absence frequency among women working in hospital care
Corné A. M. Roelen, Jolanda A. H. Schreuder, Petra C. Koopmans, Bente E. Moen, and Johan W. Groothoff.
October 2009

Job satisfaction and sickness absence: a questionnaire survey
Corné A. M. Roelen, Petra C. Koopmans, Annette Notenbomer, and Johan W. Groothoff.
December 2008

Notification of occupational skin diseases by dermatologists in The Netherlands
T. M. Pal, N. S. de Wilde, M. M. van Beurden, P. J. Coenraads, and D. P. Bruynzeel.
January 2009

Determinants of work ability and its predictive value for disability
S. M. Alavinia, A. G. E. M. de Boer, J. C. van Duivenbooden, M. H. W. Frings-Dresen, and A Burdorf.
January 2009

Sickness absence and psychosocial work conditions: a multilevel study
Corné A. M. Roelen, Sabine H. Weites, Petra C. Koopmans, Jac J. L. van der Klink, and Johan W. Groothoff.
September 2008

Effectiveness of e-learning in continuing medical education for occupational physicians
Nathalie I. R. Hugenholtz, Einar M. de Croon, Paul B. Smits, Frank J. H. van Dijk, and Karen Nieuwenhuijsen.
August 2008

Work ability in sick-listed patients with major depressive disorder
Frans G. Slebus, P. Paul F. M. Kuijer, J. (Han) H. B. M. Willems, Monique H. W. Frings-Dresen, and Judith K. Sluiter.
October 2008

The effectiveness of an educational programme on occupational disease reporting
P. B. A. Smits, A. G. E. M. de Boer, P. P. F. M. Kuijer, I. Braam, D. Spreeuwers, A. F. Lenderink, J. H. A. M. Verbeek, and F. J. H. van Dijk.
August 2008

Psychometrics and validation of a screening instrument for sickness absence
Saskia F. A. Duijts, IJmert Kant, Piet A. van den Brandt, and Gerard M. H. Swaen.
September 2008

Diagnosing and reporting of occupational diseases: a quality improvement study
D. Spreeuwers, A. G. E. M. de Boer, J. H. A. M. Verbeek, M. M. van Beurden, and F. J. H. van Dijk.
March 2008

Depressed and absent from work: predicting prolonged depressive symptomatology among employees
Veerle Brenninkmeijer, Irene Houtman, and Roland Blonk.
June 2008

Evaluation of a workshop on evidence-based medicine for social insurance physicians
Rob Kok, Jan L. Hoving, Jos H. Verbeek, Frederieke G. Schaafsma, Paul B. A. Smits, and Frank J. H. van Dijk.
March 2008

A protocol improves GP recording of long-term sickness absence risk factors
Paul van Dijk, Wouter Hogervorst, Gerben ter Riet, and Frank van Dijk.
June 2008

Risk of future sickness absence in frequent and long-term absentees
Petra C. Koopmans, Corné A. M. Roelen, and Johan W. Groothoff.
June 2008

Perceived job demands relate to self-reported health complaints
Corne A. M. Roelen, K. Jeep Schreuder, Petra C. Koopmans, and Johan W. Groothoff.
January 2008

Job demands, health perception and sickness absence
Corne A. M. Roelen, Petra C. Koopmans, Jan H. de Graaf, Johannes W. van Zandbergen, and Johan W. Groothoff.
October 2007

Vocational rehabilitation of locomotive engineers with ischaemic heart disease
Jaap van Dijk, Jos Govaarts, and Pierre-Albert Voumard.
March 2007

An assessment of occupational health care in the Netherlands (1996–2005)
M. M. A. De Valk, C. Oostrom, and A. J. P. Schrijvers.
October 2006

Identifying workers at risk of sickness absence by questionnaire
Corné A. M. Roelen, Tjepke R. van der Pol, Petra C. Koopmans, and Johan W. Groothoff.
October 2006

Adherence to mental health guidelines by Dutch occupational physicians
David Rebergen, John Hoenen, Annemarie Heinemans, David Bruinvels, Arnold Bakker, and Willem van Mechelen.
October 2006

Job satisfaction and short-term sickness absence among Dutch workers
Annette Notenbomer, Corné A. M. Roelen, and Johan W. Groothoff.
June 2006

Leisure time physical activity and sickness absenteeism
Ludovic G. P. M. van Amelsvoort, Mark G. Spigt, Gerard M. H. Swaen, and IJmert Kant.
May 2006

Searching bibliographic databases for literature on chronic disease and work participation
Joke Haafkens, Clara Moerman, Merel Schuring, and Frank van Dijk.
January 2006

Skin disease in paper mill workers
F. H. W. Jungbauer, G. J. Lensen, J. W. Groothoff, and P. J. Coenraads.
March 2005