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Top Cited Papers

We have compiled a list of the top five most cited articles published in 2012 and 2013. All the papers are FREE to read until the end of June 2016 – simply click on the following links to download.


The two waves of service-sector growth
Barry Eichengreen and Poonam Gupta

The importance (or not) of patents to UK firms
Bronwyn H. Hall, Christian Helmers, Mark Rogers and Vania Sena

Optimal nonlinear taxation of income and education expenditures
Jang-Ting Guo and Alan Krause

Explained and unexplained wage gaps across the main ethno-religious groups in Great Britain
Simonetta Longhi, Cheti Nicoletti and Lucinda Platt

Services offshoring and wages: evidence from micro data
Ingo Geishecker and Holger Görg


The financial crisis and the well-being of Americans: 2011 OEP Hicks Lecture
Angus Deaton

Measuring coherence of output gaps with an application to the euro area
Mark Mink, Jan P.A.M. Jacobs and Jakob de Haan

Tax structure, growth, and welfare in the UK
Konstantinos Angelopoulos, James Malley, and Apostolis Philippopoulos

The Phillips curve and US monetary policy: what the FOMC transcripts tell us
Ellen E. Meade and Daniel L. Thornton

Religion, economic attitudes, and household finance
Luc Renneboog and Christophe Spaenjers