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How to activate your online subscription

Take advantage of your online subscription

When the Oral History Review (OHR) staff looked through the responses to our survey on the print versus online publishing, we learned that over 50% of our readers have not activated their online subscriptions, and nearly 20% are not sure whether they have activated their accounts or not.

This cannot stand, dear readers -- especially with our upcoming issue touting the marvels of oral history in the digital age. So, we have created a tutorial (with pictures!) to guide everyone through the process of registering with Oxford Journals and activating their online subscription. Those who have already registered with Oxford Journals, but are not sure if they have activated their online subscription to the OHR, can jump to step 4.

Those who prefer the print OHR may scoff and continue waiting for the mailman. Stay strong, luddites!

Click here to view the tutorial

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