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Parliamentary Affairs REF Guarantee

Parliamentary Affairs REF 2014 Guarantee

Accepted in 2012? Guaranteed online publication in 2013.

1. Any paper submitted to Parliamentary Affairs and accepted by end-2012 will be published online by the end of 2013, subject to the following terms and conditions.

2. The paper will have had to have successfully gone through the journal’s anonymous reviewing process in full by end-2012 . We aim to expedite submissions as speedily as possible, but cannot be held responsible in the event that reviewers take longer than expected to comment on a manuscript.

3. To be treated as accepted, we will have to have received a final version of the manuscript, which meets the journal’s submission requirements and makes all changes requested by the editors to their satisfaction.

4. All supporting documentation must also have been returned to OUP by end-2012.

5. Publication by end-2013 will be dependent on authors returning any requested changes to proofs, or production queries, within one week of receipt.

6. We give no guarantee of the date of publication in a print version of the journal. The guarantee refers to online publication, as an Advance Access article. Such articles have DOIs.

7. We reserve the right to withdraw the guarantee at any time, should demand for it exceed anticipated levels.