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Special Issue: Causal Complexity and Qualitative Methods

A special issue of Political Analysis, appearing in summer 2006, examines and contributes to the dialogue between qualitative and quantitative methods. While qualitative methods is the newest methodology section to the American Political Science Association, it is quickly growing in popularity. This issue stresses that both qualitative and quantitative methods have important places in empirical social science.

The special issue includes a symposium on the anthology Rethinking Social Inquiry: Diverse Tools, Shared Standards edited by Henry Brady and David Collier that provides an excellent example of the spirit of quantitative vs. qualitative dialogue seen both in the symposium and throughout the issue. This issue is also centrally concerned with the theme of causal complexity and the idea that causal complexity poses serious challenges for causal modeling.

Table of Contents

Introduction to the Special Issue "Causal Complexity and Qualitative Methods"
Gary Goertz

A Tale of Two Cultures: Contrasting Quantitative and Qualitative Research
James Mahoney and Gary Goertz

Complex Causal Relations and Case Study Methods: The Example of Path Dependence
Andrew Bennett and Colin Elman

Explaining Variance; Or, Stuck in a Moment We Can't Get Out Of
Bear F. Braumoeller

Set Relations in Social Research: Evaluating Their Consistency and Coverage
Charles C. Ragin

A Simple Multivariate Test for Asymmetric Hypotheses
William Roberts Clark, Michael J. Gilligan, and Matt Golder


Two Methodological Worlds Apart? Praises and Critiques from a European Comparativist
BenoƮt Rihoux

Beyond the Linear Frequentist Orthodoxy
Philip A. Schrodt

Stirring the Frequentist Pot with a Dash of Bayes
Andrew Bennett

Case Selection: Insights from Rethinking Social Inquiry
W. Phillips Shively

Is Causal-Process Observation an Oxymoron?
Nathaniel Beck

Toward a Pluralistic Vision of Methodology
Henry E. Brady, David Collier, and Jason Seawright

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Impact Factor: 4.655

5-Yr impact factor: 4.659


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