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Virtual Issue: Greatest Hits

Introduction to the Virtual Issue: Greatest Hits
R. Michael Alvarez and Jonathan N. Katz

A New Multinomial Accuracy Measure for Polling Bias
Kai Arzheimer and Jocelyn Evans
Political Analysis (2014) 22(1): 31-44 Full Text

A Selection Bias Approach to Sensitivity Analysis for Causal Effects
Matthew Blackwell
Political Analysis (2014) 22(2): 169-182 Full Text

Statistical Analysis of List Experiments
Graeme Blair and Kosuke Imai
Political Analysis (2013) 20(1): 47-77 Full Text

Experiments to Reduce the Over-Reporting of Voting: A Pipeline to the Truth
Michael J. Hanmer, Antoine J. Banks and Ismail K. White
Political Analysis (2014) 20(1): 130-141 Full Text

Qualitative Comparative Analysis: How Inductive Use and Measurement Error Lead to Problematic Inference
Simon Hug
Political Analysis (2013) 21(2): 252-265 Full Text

Estimating Party Positions across Country and Time – A Dynamic Latent Variable Model for Manifesto Data
Thomas Konig, Moritz Marbach and Moritz Osnabrugge
Political Analysis (2013) 21(4): 468-491 Full Text

A Common Left-Right Scale for Voter and Parties in Europe
James Lo, Sven-Oliver Proksch and Thomas Gschwend
Political Analysis (2014) 22(2): 205-223 Full Text

Computerized Adaptive Testing for Public Opinion Surveys
Jacob M. Montgomery and Josh Cutler
Political Analysis (2013) 21(2): 172-192 Full Text

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R. Michael Alvarez and Jonathan N. Katz

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